Where do you hold your sessions?

All sessions are done in my little studio that is fully prepared for newborns. We make sure the temperature is set to the most comfortable for newborn babies. We have all the equipment needed to photograph high-end studio images and the space is open so parents can sit back and relax while they watch us do our magic.

How soon should I book a newborn session?

I recommend scheduling at least 3 months before your due date. Newborn sessions are typically done within the first 2 weeks after birth. As long as you stay in contact with me and let me know when your baby arrives, we will be ready to go!

Does the retainer include all the images?

The retainer fee does not include any digital images. By structuring my sessions this way, I am being paid for my time and expertise, and then you can choose only what you love from your galleries! Rather than having hundreds of mediocre images sitting on your computer, you have the opportunity to pick the absolute best of the best and showcase those images through products and prints! Most of the packages I have created lets you get the digital images you want in addition to heirloom quality products. I do offer the option to purchase only digital images, but I know you'll fall in love with my amazing products and need them in your home.

Do you have outfits and wraps for the baby?

I have it all. Take a peek at the images of our studio to get an idea of how much stuff I have to use for you! You do not need to worry about bringing anything to your session other than yourself and your baby (and maybe pants). We will discuss beforehand your preferred colors and themes and everything will be set up and ready to go when you arrive. If there is a special item you want to bring from home, that is always welcomed, too. I even offer my mom closet if you just feel like you have nothing that fits or makes you feel beautiful. I got you!

What do my family and I wear for our session?

Styling is one of my favorite things to do for sessions. I know this can be overwhelming! I offer some advice in my studio guide, but also offer full stylings guidance for your session if you so choose! I also have dresses to choose from for mamas. Generally, sticking to a color palette or wearing one color is a great start!

What is the turn around time for images?

1 to 2 weeks after the session we can set up your soft-proof gallery viewing. Once you have your viewing appointment and choose your final images, I will professionally edit your final selection and deliver your images 1-2 weeks! Products and prints can take up to 6 weeks after ordering to arrive.

What if my newborn sibling is having a bad morning?

Bring them in and let me work my magic. Sometimes, kiddies just need a change of scenery and pace to turn around their day. Plus, I have special tricks up my sleeve to help connect with each child I meet. If your child is sick, that's another story. Please let me know asap and we will get you rescheduled. We definitely don't want any illnesses brought into the studio and want your little one to feel their best! I also am a big fan of bribery (just wait until I give the go ahead in your session).

What if I need to reschedule my session?

Rescheduling must be done within 48 hours for non-illness related issues. If a family member seems to be getting sick, please let me know asap and we will figure out a time to get you rescheduled. I allow for ONE reschedule with your paid retainer fee. After your first reschedule, you will be required to pay a second session fee in order to schedule again. Illnesses are a special circumstance and we will work together to find a time to reschedule. As mentioned above, we definitely do not want anyone sick coming into the studio where lots of newborns come through. Thank you!

What is my newborn is fuzzy?

Newborn babies are my specialty, do not stress we will have your baby gently soothed in no time just follow my instructions. I send all my parents a prep guide with all the tricks I have learned throughout the years of what is best to do to prepare your newborn for the session. It works every time!